The new ECO-ESPTM HYBRID UPGRADING is an innovative solution (International Patent pending) developed by Ecospray that consists of a retrofit dedusting system for the upgrade of the Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs).
The (ESPs) perform well for dust removal, but are increasingly unable to comply with new and stricter regulations on particulate emissions.
The ECO-ESPTM HYBRID UPGRADING embeds a layer of filtering elements of the “wall flow” type into the electrostatic precipitator.
These elements are characterized by significant compactness and are of modular construction, which enables a short assembly time and minimal modifications to the ESP structure if retrofitting to an existing unit. This solution can also be designed-in for new ESPs.
Along with a very high level of dedusting performance, the Ecospray ECO-ESPTM HYBRID UPGRADING solution with “wall flow” elements, perform at a more consistent level of filtration over the life of the elements compared to those of traditional filtering components. Furthermore, the filter elements are able to work at
very high temperatures (up to 600° C), under operating conditions not tolerable by the other known filtering elements.
As a result of the combined action of the ESP (that acts as a primary separator achieving dust levels below 100mg/Nm3) and the wall flow filtering layer (that acts as a highly effective and efficient polishing stage), the dust content in the gas emissions downstream of the ESP can reach a level equal to 2-3mg/Nm3.
Additionally, the optional multi-pollution control capabilities of the catalyzed filtering modules could also improve the performance of the existing systems that have to comply with the high emission limits of NOx, CO or VOC.
The extremely good mechanical and chemical resistance of the silicon carbide substrate of the wall flow filtering elements increase the operation life of the entire system minimizing the relevant costs.