ECO-NOxTM SCR (catalytic)

Ecospray’s catalytic ECO-NOx systems use SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to remove nitrogen oxides from all internal combustion processes, including large marine diesel engines. Due to the use of highly efficient catalysts, Ecospray is able to guarantee excellent performance with NOx reduction up to 98%, even at medium-low temperature (around 300 °C).
The NOx reduction process takes place by injecting a solution of urea (33% or 40%) or ammonia (25%) into the gas stream at an optimum temperature between 300-400°C. In order to obtain the best distribution in the gases, the reagent is injected through Ecospray’ s proprietary lances and nozzles delivering a very fine spray into an appropriate static mixer designed to obtain the most complete and uniform gas + NH3 mixing.
The gases containing the reagent then pass through a variable number of catalyst layers, as is appropriate for the required outcome. The amount and positioning of the catalyst layers depends on the targeted NOx removal level and on the maximum permissible ammonia slip.
In some combustion processes, it is possible to operate at very low gas temperatures (about 200°C). In this case, it is necessary that the gas does not contain SO3 which will react with water vapor present in the fumes forming ABS (ammonium bi-sulfate), a catalyst poisoning contaminant which degrades the catalytic activity.