ECO-NOxTM SNCR (non catalytic)

Among the solutions available for the abatement of nitrogen oxide, Ecospray offers systems based on SNCR (Selective Non Catalytic Reduction). 
These systems represent a reliable and more economical solution for removing NOX compared to catalyst based SCR systems, provided that the conditions exist for a process temperature that is sufficient to complete the reaction between the NH3 or urea and nitrogen oxides. Also, such systems result in NOx removal ≤ 60%, therefore they are only an option for circumstances where emissions requirements are less stringent. 
SNCR based DeNOX systems are used in combustion processes that present an operating temperature range between 850 and 950 °C, as is typical for thermoelectric power plants (coal and/or biomass furnaces), waste incineration plants and in cement or glass production.
Also DeNOX SNCR based systems depend on the reaction of NH3 or urea with nitrogen oxides, however in this case the reactant is injected directly into the combustion chamber of the furnace. Ecospray employs proprietary lances and fine droplet nozzles, positioning these where process conditions can ensure the optimum efficiency of the reaction. Due to our extensive field experience and our use of state-of-the-art computation fluid dynamics, the Ecospray team is able to analyze the outcomes of the potential positioning of the sprays at the preliminary project stage, then improve it to optimal in the execution stage.