The ECO-EGCTM HYBRID system is a high performance solution purposely designed and applied in order to meet specific requirements for vessels operating in specific areas with wash water discharge restrictions.
The ECO-EGCTM HYBRID system can operate in two different modes, either in the open loop or closed loop mode. In the open loop, the SO2 removal is controlled only by sea water injection, while in the closed loop the SO2 removal is controlled by the addition of caustic reagent to the wash water.
The ECO-EGCTM HYBRID system can switch from the operating mode “open loop” to “closed loop” and vice-versa. In the closed loop mode the water blow down is sent to the water treatment system and then discharged overboard or temporarily sent to the holding tank in case the “zero discharge” mode is required. According to the holding tank volume, the system can operate in the zero discharge mode for the required period of time.