Ecospray supplies Dual Fluid cooling systems, in which very fine droplets are generated to cool the gases very quickly and highly efficiently. Ecospray’s Dual Fluid systems allow for much smaller cooling tower dimensions, enabling a lower capital investment cost.
Ecospray’s air assisted spray lances employ Dual Fluid compressed air nozzles, which have been designed to ensure perfect atomization and cost effective air consumption (less than 40Nm3/h of compressed air for each m3/h of injected water). The lances are equipped with a protective covering that shields the nozzles from heat and scaling. Ecospray’s injection system uses high-precision regulation valves for both the water lines and for compressed air lines. These radically increase the control, accuracy and range for adjustments. Compressed
air consumption is kept at a minimum by avoiding the increase in required air at low flow rates that is typical for adjustments at constant pressure.