In Ecospray’s Single Fluid cooling systems, high pressure atomization of the water is accomplished as a result of the level of high pressure supplied from the pumps. This system is primarily used in cement applications and is characterized by significantly lower operating costs.
Ecospray’s High Spill Single Fluid lances employ pressures of 35-50 bar. Droplet size is greater than that obtainable with the Dual Fluid atomized lances (which use compressed air). The Single Fluid systems generally require larger towers, hence there is a higher cost of initial investment.
However, despite this cost and the higher power levels required for the pumps, Ecospray’s Single Fluid systems consume far less energy than compressed air lances. Due to our very precise machining practices, the shape of Ecospray’s High Spill nozzles also allow for a broad adjustment range without affecting the quality or angle of the spray.