The internal fogging is designed in order to obtain the best results in terms of increasing the power of the gas turbines in the base-load conditions. The system obtains instantaneously greater power generation also during energy peak periods. All the materials and the equipment are made out of AISI 316 and are equipped with the necessary safety precautions both hardware and software.
Gas turbines generate higher power output increasing the inlet air mass flow. Inlet evaporative fog cooling is able to lower the inlet air temperature achieving denser air, increasing the gas turbine output.
Ecospray designs, manufactures, installs and services fogging systems on gas and vapor turbines and in waste to energy plants, both for retrofits and new operations.
On average, the return on investment is 10-12 months for large dimension gas turbine intake systems, and 8-24 months for those below 20 MW and in waste to energy plants.