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We believe in the human factor: our competence-oriented training programs are the key to make your investment be profitable.

The ETC includes a wide range of courses, both for marine and industry, delivered worldwide, both in dedicated training centers or online, with different formulas, all designed to meet your needs and to respond to every request.

Increase the system’s reliability. Elevate the system’s usage rates. Optimize the system’s performance.

We prioritize the human factor with training programs designed to maximize your investment. The ETC offers a diverse range of courses for marine and industry sectors, available globally both in-person and online, tailored to meet all your needs.

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A cost effective and flexible way to acquire actionable knowledge, just attending through a simple internet connection and completed with a E-learning Certificate.


The better way to combine direct
experience and knowledge
with a mix of computer-based material, class teaching and hands-on exercises to learn managing a wide range of situations.

Tailor Made

Personalized training programs based on clients’ specific needs, on board and on site. To design your customized plan of training courses for your staff, contact our ETC team.

The new ETC is upgraded

Inaugurating with the new Hands-On Course.

Discover our real system components training, in a completely renewed training center, focused on providing practical, immersive experiences using actual scrubber sections. The facility at Ecospray HQ ensures clients gain hands-on maintenance expertise.

Empower your team with the training they need to reduce risk and maximize efficiencies.

We are able to deliver high-quality training both in Europe and Asia, covering all the time zones. About a thousand operators have already successfully completed our training courses, contributing to the development of the most efficient tools for performance enhancement.

Based on our wide experience of thousands of hours of operations and thanks to a dedicated team of instructors, we provide proven and global programs studied to cover all the aspects, from operation & maintenance to monitoring & compliance.

Register on our ETC web portal

You will receive soon access to the chosen course and all the instructions.

Register on our ETC web portal

You will receive soon access to the chosen course and all the instructions.

Need More Info?

Need More Info?