Our fogging systems are based on the adiabatic decrease of the air temperature obtained by atomizing the water at ambient temperature directly into the air flow, feeding the compressor or condenser. This technology increases the performance of gas turbines, by recovering their losses of capacity and thermal efficiency losses caused by a rise in the external temperature — all while producing the same output, and reduces pollutant emissions. We designed and manufactured fogging technologies that find applications in several sectors: power, incinerators and waste to energy, paper mills, ceramics sector, cement, iron and steel, both for retrofitting projects and for new installations. 

We provide a wide range of turnkey systems based on our customers’ needs: 

  • Internal Fogging – Internal Air Intake fogging systems, designed to distribute the demineralized water inside the air flow with semi-rounded arrays, swirl nozzles and high-pressure pumps and External Air Intake, equipped with proprietary filters that retain all the spray droplets 
  • High Fogging (or Wet Compression), the cooling is achieved via the evaporation of the water which is injected internally in the first stages of the compressor of the gas turbine (up to 6,3 – 9,6% of the gas turbine nominal power can be additionally achieved). 
  • Double Fogging systems combine the internal air intake’s fogging after the filtration stage, and nozzle arrays positioned on the duct walls.
  • External Fogging systems have been developed for micro turbines dedicated to all small-medium capacity industrial applications, such as food production, chemical industries and civil engineering buildings. This boasts a return on investment usually within two years — or less, in case of turbines > 500 kW. These systems provide adiabatic humidification of the air but with a minimum air flow rate and a filtration system (1 or 2 Drop Safe type filtration systems) downstream of the spray nozzles. 
  • Fogging Condenser consists of an adiabatic cooling system for the inlet air to the axial fans servicing the air cooled condensers.
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