The time is now.

Environmental transformation is the challenge for every industry on the Planet.  With green, smart and remarkable technology we can turn the maritime and land industries green, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and significantly advance energy transitions towards the 2050 Zero Emission target.

Innovation through disruption.

Brains, focus and the desire to raise the stakes are what lead us to the cutting-edge of technology.

In addition to having filed several international patents, we typically validate our technologies with Approvals in Principle (AIP) provided by Classification Societies.

In the marine sector, our Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems always come certified by Bureau Veritas, DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register and Rina, amongst others. 

Additional Class Notations – i.e. the Ultra-Low Emission Vessel (ULEV) – can be obtained by Vessels implementing a mix of our certified technologies, championing environmental sustainability in the maritime sector.

Join the Revolution.

Our integrated solutions, ranging from carbon capture, green power, renewable and clean fuels and air pollution control, are moving forward with decarbonization and the creation of green energy.

Future-proof Technologies

Remarkable technologies aren’t just reliable and performing systems: in fact, we skip one generation of technology and go to market with the most future-proof solution.

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Exhaust Gas Cleaning

A range of solutions for SOx, NOx, PM and other pollutants removal, designed to exceed global and local emission requirements for both the marine and industry sectors.

Clean Fuel

High-performance solutions for biogas upgrading and methane & biomethane and CO2 liquefaction to create sustainable fuels via a circular economy virtuous cycle.

Green Power Generation

Technologies designed for the fuel decarbonization and generation of clean energy: from Carbon Capture Utilization & Sequestration and Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell to Lean Gas To Power.

Air and Water Treatment

Solutions designed to perform beyond compliance on a variety of air and water treatments: from air and surface sanification, to vessels’ water treatment and cost-saving industrial gas treatment technologies.

Service & Training

Lifecycle Management

We are the ‘one stop shop’ for our Clients’ training, upgrading and maintenance needs.

With our turn-key technology and after-sale support, we make lifecycle management hassle-free for our clients.