Biogas Upgrading

Biogas Upgrading

Our biogas upgrading system, based on PSA technology, is able to treat a wide range of biogas composition – from OFMSW, agricultural plants, sewage sludge and landfills – as well as a wide range of flow rates (standardized units, from 10-5.000 m3/h of inlet biogas; systems for higher flow rates of biogas are sized on a case-by-case basis).

The system is characterized by:

  • Low costs and consumption of the adsorbent material (synthetic zeolites)
  • It does not depend on the availability of a heat source
  • Low consumption thanks to the absence of biogas compression (~0.2 kWh/Nm3 biogas)
  • The regeneration of the adsorbent beds is provided under a high vacuum cycle
  • High tolerance on biogas impurities fluctuations
  • Control systems with specifically optimized software allow total automation and active control.
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