CO2 Liquefaction

The CO2 liquefaction system is the newest solution to be introduced by Ecospray to support our customers on their journey towards decarbonization. In fact, the system can be integrated with biomethane liquefaction from the biogas upgrading module, providing a truly carbon negative fuel.

From biogas upgrading, the gaseous CO2 can be collected, “cleaned” and liquefied for industrial and food applications. The CO2 liquefaction process is characterized by:

  • Stand-alone configuration or integrated with upgrading and biomethane liquefaction
  • Faster installation and startup thanks to pre-assembly (fully mounted on skid) and testing in Ecospray workshop
  • Modular configuration based on 40-foot container size

A full CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequestration) solution is under development, with a view to obtaining an inert oxalate as the final product, with a stability of 100 years.

The CO2 contained in high quantities in the off-gas deriving from the upgrading process is recovered in the form of liquid in a dedicated purification and liquefaction plant. The process consists first of the removal of moisture and pollutants, followed by compression, cooling and further expansion in order to eliminate impurities from the CO2 stream. The liquefied CO2 is then sent to the tank, where it remains until it is collected by the user according to the procedures set out under the international regulations.

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