Organizational model ex Legislative Decree 231/2001 and Code of Ethics

Ecospray Technologies srl, in carrying out its business and company activities, is inspired by the highest standards of transparency and correctness and in this perspective has decided to adopt its own organization, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 (“Organizational model”).

The Organizational Model contains regulations, procedures and rules of conduct aimed at preventing the commission of crimes, it promotes rigor, transparency and a sense of responsibility in internal and external relations and it includes, as an integral and mandatory part, the Code of Ethics.

As part of its activities, Ecospray Technologies has identified some reference values, and general principles to be followed by employees and those who work on behalf of the Company, in order to ensure fairness in the conduct of business, social activities and to protect the assets and corporate reputation and respect for the surrounding environment. A Supervisory Body has been appointed whose task is to supervise the functioning, effectiveness, adequacy and compliance of the Organizational Model and to regularly update it.

All members of the Supervisory Body are equipped with the necessary requirements of integrity, professionalism, autonomy and independence needed for the performance of the functions attributed thereto, thus ensuring the necessary continuity of action.

Code of Ethics

Ecospray Technologies model 231