Scrubbing with Calcium Hydroxide

An alternative technology to capture carbon dioxide is scrubbing the exhaust gasses with calcium hydroxide suspension in order to bind the CO2 in the form of calcium carbonate.

This consists in the CO2 adsorption with lime milk, a suspension of calcium hydroxide in water with a solid content ranging from 10% to 30%. Calcium oxide reacts with CO2 to form calcium carbonate, which is only slightly soluble in water, so it will form an eco-friendly solid product.

In the onboard system, exhaust gas enters the scrubber and flows counter-current to the lime milk suspension.

A side stream of lime milk is withdrawn from the bottom of the scrubber and is sent to a bubbling vessel that acts as a second stage absorber and gives to the lime milk a longer contact time with exhaust gas to complete the conversion of lime into limestone. 

Particularly interesting in terms of capex and opex, this technology could fit for bulk carrier ships, which necessitates onboard storage of the chemical reagent in bulk, but it does have the advantage of not requiring CO2 storage on board.

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