The lifecycle management of the system optimizes the operations and maximizes reliability and usage rates.
Constant monitoring and prompt availability of spare parts allow us to perform maintenance within agreed scheduled time limits, avoiding service disruption and unnecessary costs. We are able to guarantee worldwide availability of smart parts and consumables thanks to our strategically located warehouses.

Spares and Consumables

Spare Parts Management

We can recommend specific spare parts kits for each system:

  • On board spare parts kit: those components whose failure could cause the plant out of service; consumables; and verification and calibration instruments. These components can easily be replaced by client’s personnel.
  • On shore spare parts kit: those components whose failure does not bring the plant out of service. Also included in this list are those parts that require the intervention of an external technician.


We offer warehouse management of spare parts for customers through warehouses shared in various locations and based on specific needs (Asia, Europe and Americas).


One is the cloud digital solution to ensure proactive monitoring, compliance and 24/7 operation