Sailing into the future

Every industry is dealing with decarbonization challenges and stricter emissions regulations: moving into a new pathway is a necessity to fulfill these requirements.

Our path to decarbonization consists in elaborating the best ways to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. That is why we have developed a cloud digital solution to manage system performance, compliance and 24/7 operation, collaboratively and with ease. This solution ensures fuel saving, emission control and continuous compliance with regulations through remote monitoring and advanced life cycle analysis.

Ecospray has always been committed to facilitating access to innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Let’s set sail toward the most efficient solution.

A simple solution to a complex problem

One is a powerful cloud solution designed to constantly monitor system status and its operation through sensors, allowing to optimize performance, to improve the energy efficiency and check in compliance with regulations.


One helps to identify, categorize and prioritize potential issues to correct them before they can affect system operation and performances.


The precise state of wear of the asset is always known and this allows maintenance to be planned with greater precision towards a predictive maintenance model.


Move from simple data collection to their structuring, processing, and analysis, allowing specialists with different skills to work together on a technical and a strategic level.


The ability to analyze data provided is significant to the point of guiding operational decisions, increasing the productivity and profitability of the system to a minimum, unscheduled downtime.


How it works

One is a digital solution designed to share data with the work group, even if heterogeneous: this approach is key to obtaining greater reliability, productivity, and operational excellence of the system, transforming passive data into useful information to allow different stakeholders to take informed decisions.

One is used for monitoring systems both for marine and land-based applications.

Technical Features

  • Real time monitoring & notification
  • Vessel Tracking on special environmental areas on the world map for marine application 
  • Systems health status monitoring & alerting
  • Compliance and process reports
  • Historical data & trends (up to18 months)
  • Easy & fast troubleshooting
  • Proactive remote support
  • Event and KPI’s overview and customization
  • Periodical personalized report (Status and Advices)
  • Customizable dedicated Dash Boards for operation needs.
  • Variable data refresh (approximately a stream of 230 MB monthly for a standard installation)
System monitoring architecture

Discover One Modules

Real time awareness is handled through the module “One Eyes”, while the “One Brain” module gives access to all recorded information. The ability provided to analyze data is significant to the point of guiding operational decisions.

This module enables clients to monitor in real time system status and performance.

Main features:

  • Real time systems performance
  • Compliance (area & emissions)
  • Technical failure
  • Alarm overview for all fleet
  • Vessels geographical overview with color coding for immediate identification of the status

Brain module enable to access to all recorded data, using data analysis tool. It allows the user to arrange received data in reports and graphs that can be used for real time troubleshooting to enhance at maximum the efficiency and reliability of the system. It allows also to share the results of the analysis with the work team.

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