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Every industry is dealing with decarbonization challenges and stricter emissions regulations: moving into a new pathway is a necessity to fulfill these requirements.

Our path to decarbonization consists in elaborating the best ways to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. That is why we have developed a new generation of emission control equipment – the AI-powered Smart Scrubbers. This desulphurization solution, leveraging Internet of Things technology, ensures fuel saving, emission control and continuous compliance with IMO and local regulations through remote monitoring and advanced life cycle analysis.

Ecospray has always been committed to facilitating access to innovation and cutting-edge technologies. We are setting sail toward the most efficient solutions, powered by a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm.

Artificial Intelligence

The Smart Scrubber

The Smart Scrubber is an innovative AI-powered desulphurization solution that enables continuous optimization and best-in-class performance to the EGCS.

Why the Smart Scrubber?
  • Ensuring higher operational efficiency – reducing energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Enabling maintenance and repair savings through fleet-wide advanced Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Securing extended scrubber lifetime and fuel savings
  • Improving compliance with IMO regulations

The IMO-compliant device allows remote monitoring and advanced life cycle analysis. The Smart Scrubber can be installed quickly and offers all the benefits of a plug-and-play solution. Its modular nature guarantees smooth integration into existing control systems and effortless expansion to allow monitoring of additional systems onboard.

On an existing Ecospray EGCS, data can be easily collected live from the control electronics by adding a single plug-and-play hardware. Data storage and Artificial Intelligence-driven analysis take advantage of both local and Cloud computing power.

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Are you ready to unlock the benefits of the AI-powered smart scrubber and gain a long-term competitive advantage?

Read how to significantly reduce operational costs, ensure continuous compliance with IMO regulations, and secure an extended scrubber lifetime

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