Our advanced exhaust gas cleaning systems for marine diesel engines (EGCS) are specifically designed for SOx removal in large vessels — such as cruise ships, ferries, and commercial vessels with single or multiple engines. […]
An advanced remote AI-enabled control and monitoring system is the technical core of our solution, allowing constant optimization and best-in-class performances to the EGCS. This technology minimizes the value lost from non-compliance fines, downtime and fuel switching costs by […]
The dry systems are used for power production and incineration, by injecting lime or sodium bi-carbonate powder in an appropriate reactor, or directly in a bag filter, where the reaction takes place on the […]
An advanced system for the removal of acid gases (SOx, HCl, HF, H2S) in industrial applications. This includes acid gas abatement systems which employ scrubbers whose nozzles are created with a proprietary design, as […]
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