Methane Slip Reduction

Methane Slip Reduction

The Ecospray Methane Slip Reduction system uses catalytic oxidation technology to remove methane slip from dual fuel engines, and can be applied to vessels and superyachts. Since Methane has a much higher global warming potential compared to CO2, our Methane Slip Reduction system is designed to reduce emission levels up to 95%, using oxidation catalyst substrates with PGM (Platinum Group Metal) to oxidize methane. Within its operating temperatures, ranging from 400°C to 500°C, it reaches high efficiency values, from 75% up to 95%, even starting from low inlet temperature.

For industrial and renewable markets, this Methane Slip Reduction system can be applied to both compact power generation and biogas treatment. This system is able to eliminate more than 95% of the methane contained in the exhaust gases and in biogas upgrading off-gas— as well as any other waste gas from the gas treatment processes. The process produces heat, which can be exploited, with a lower environmental impact than bio-filters, allowing the emission of exhaust gases with CH4 content into the air within the legal regulations and without NOx emissions.

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