Lean Gas To Power

Our Lean Gas To Power System (LG2P) is designed to turn waste into a resource while preventing greenhouse gas emissions. Enhancing the value of discarded low-concentration methane, the system is suitable for all lean gas from landfill or off-gas (CH4 as low as 1.5%) to produce heat & power.

This system brings several new and advanced features:

  • Avoidance of greenhouse gasses and VOC emissions of landfills
  • Turning lean waste gas into a valuable resource instead of paying for its treatment
  • Saving costs and limiting footprints vs. bio-filters (bio-filters are several times larger than our 40-ft container footprint)
  • Recovering all the organic gas produced by the landfill by applying vacuums to the wells — this also avoids leakage into the atmosphere
  • Avoiding air pollutants (NOx, SOx) due to low temperature catalytic combustion
  • Improving the sustainability of old landfills with the production of renewable energy, given the system works with very low methane concentration
  • Using the LG2P system to power back upgrading or liquefaction systems with off-gas

Product Technical Specifications

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