Ecospray wins contract to supply two biogas pre-treatment and upgrading systems for the Maringa landfill in Brazil

With the aim of reducing the environmental impact of methane emissions, Ecospray will supply GasTech.Bio, responsible for the operation of recovering and purchasing the biogas generated in the sanitary landfill of Maringá, with two biogas pre-treatment and upgrading systems: the two systems are designed to treat a total of 2,500 cubic meters of biogas per hour, transforming it into high-quality biomethane ready to be injected into the energy grid and supply the market of Bio-CNG.

While internationalization and cooperation are core principles of the project, the decision to locate the upgrading systems at a landfill reflects the urgency of addressing issues related to the emission of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, which was previously released into the atmosphere or burned. Implementing this technology not only helps reduce harmful emissions, but also generates clean energy from renewable sources, a dual benefit that underscores the importance of the energy transition.

Scheduled for delivery by the end of 2024, the systems will be optimized to operate in the extreme conditions typical of landfills, where the variables of gas flow, quality and quantity present significant challenges. The project, based on the principle of customer collaboration and know-how sharing, demonstrates Ecospray’s strong willingness to partner with local company, its commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability, and represents an important step towards a more ecological and sustainable management of energy resources.