Our field team is composed by trained and certified engineers that can assist our customers and perform a wide range of service activities – on board or onsite.

We support our customers throughout the lifecycle of the project, from installation and commissioning to maintenance visits that not only extend components life-time, but also ensure compliance with environmental regulations.


Installation and Commissioning

In this phase we work alongside installation staff to verify that installation specifications and best practices are properly followed. Our commissioning technicians are qualified to complete the start-up phase safely and efficiently, while helping clients’ personnel with dedicated training to system operations and compliance. We also support the client in obtaining the necessary certifications.

Health and Mechanical check

A periodical check is carried out by an expert engineer a to assess the overall status of the system, and suggest possible corrective actions and maintenance operations to sustain the required performance and the highest efficiency standards over time.

Healt Check 2

Instruments Calibration

Periodic calibration of the instruments, such as gas analyzers and water analysis instruments, are required to meet the environmental standards in force and guarantee compliance. Our engineers can provide calibration activities with other assistance and maintenance services to reduce the overall cost of operation. We also offer an instrument exchange program: this involves sending the customer a laboratory calibrated instrument in replacement of the installed one, that can be sent back to Ecospray to be reconditioned.

One is the cloud digital solution to ensure proactive monitoring, compliance and 24/7 operation