Making Clean Energy A Reality

We seek for decarbonization and the creation of clean energy. With our solutions, every industry, land and sea, can be a protagonist in the energy transition to a global economy with zero environmental impact.

Turning Waste Into A Resource

With our Lean Gas To Power we provide technology to enhance the value of low-methane-concentration landfills, turning waste into a resource and preventing GHG emissions. By exploiting wastes, we obtain dual benefits: removing pollutants, and energy generation.

Green Energy & Decarbonization? Yes, we can.

Decarbonization, instead of being a cost, becomes a value with our ​Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC) . We can generate energy from both Methane and Hydrogen, all the while capturing and liquefying CO2 that can soon be re-used for industrial or food processing purposes.
Through carbon capture, utilization and sequestration we can make fossil fuels truly sustainable and green.

Carbon Friendly Clean Energy
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