Values we believe in

Values we believe in Brains

We value the impact of brains. We want to challenge assumptions, re-conceptualize and create remarkable technology, faster.

Values we believe in Focus

We never stop being curious. This is what makes us true innovators.

Values we believe in Speed

We are driven by speed. Especially when it comes to bringing solutions to your needs.

Values we believe in (R)evolution

We were established with a ‘clean air – clean water’ commitment. Today we are raising the stakes by making clean energy a reality for every industry.


We believe in the power of Brains, curiosity fuels our commitment, innovation is our beacon. We are looking for dynamic, creative, ambitious people who are determined to seek excellence.

We are hiring

Working in Ecospray means growing in an international context and being part of a team of people who want to make a difference in the Green R (evolution), with conviction and without delay.

Join us in transforming our vision of the future into many new Technologies for the Planet.

Senior Procurement Officer

Alzano Scrivia (AL)

Full Time

Key Account Manager

Alzano Scrivia (AL)

Full time

Senior Project Manager

Alzano Scrivia (AL)

Full Time

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P.S. Even if you are not an engineer, but feel you are an Eco-nerd, send us your CV.