First decarbonization seminar

Athens, September 21st 2022

On September 21st, 2022, Ecospray held in Athens at the Yacht Club of Greece, its very first decarbonization seminar, an exclusive event addressed and organized for the Greek maritime industry and shipowners, during which Ecospray’s latest decarbonization technologies were presented.

With the IMO’s path towards reducing the carbon intensity of international shipping already clearly signposted, the maritime industry is called upon to act as part of global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, and Ecospray is actively answering the call.

From carbon capture technologies to energy transition with biofuels and clean fuels, Ecospray had presented its approach to decarbonization.

After a welcome speech from Ecospray’s Chief Executive Officer Franco Porcellacchia, Maurizio Archetti and Filippo Lossani, respectively President and B.U. Marine Director of Ecospray, presented the different Ecospray’s solutions as far as carbon capture technologies for shipping industry: Carbon Capture with Amines, with Calcium Hydroxide and with Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC). Each of these technologies fits into Ecospray’s decarbonization path and provides solutions for diverse needs, such cruise vessels, , tankers, ferries, bulk carriers, containers or LNG carriers.

Among the speakers, Barbara Bosio, Professor of Applied Physical Chemistry at the University of Genoa. Barbara’s presentations highlighted the experience that UNIGE has on fuel cells, showing their applications in the maritime industry, in synergy with Ecospray’s technologies for onboard applications.

During the seminar, Alberto Di Cecio, General Manager of Ecospray, gave a brief introduction to our Carbon Capture and bio-LNG projects evolution, covering topics like clean fuel solutions, CO2 separation and liquefaction and bio-LNG as a maritime fuel for shipping.

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