Capture the future: technologies for decarbonization.

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With the IMO’s path towards reducing the carbon intensity of international shipping already clearly signposted, the maritime industry is called upon to act as part of global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

From carbon capture technologies to energy transition with biofuels and clean fuels, discover Ecospray’s approach to decarbonization in an afternoon.

Presentation Contents

Welcome speech

Franco Porcellacchia – Chief Executive Officer Ecospray

Decarbonization: carbon capture technologies for shipping

Maurizio Archetti – President Ecospray
Filippo Lossani – Director B.U. Marine

Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells for onboard applications

Barbara Bosio – Professor of Applied Physical Chemistry at the University of Genoa

CH4 and COMicro-liquefaction

Carlo Maria Bartolini – Professor of Energy and Environmental Systems and CEO S.TRA.TE.G.I.E.

Carbon Capture and bio-LNG: projects evolution

Alberto Di Cecio – General Manager Ecospray