Increase the energy efficiency of your system

Our Fogging systems improve the performance of energy intensive plants, reduce polluting emissions and guarantee a return on investment within 8 to 24 months

Find out how much energy you can recover

Answer to the following short questions about your system to find out the potential energy gain.


Does your system have an Air Intake?

How much demineralized water do you have available?

What is your installed capacity (in MW ISO)?

Fogging multistep ENG
Internal Fogging - from 1 to 4,4MW
Internal Fogging - from 8,1 to 9,8MW
Internal Fogging - from 14,2 to 19,5MW
High Fogging - from 1,7 to 11,2MW
High Fogging - from 11,6 to 25MW
High Fogging - from 20,4 to 43,3MW
Double Fogging - from 2,7 to 15,5MW
Double Fogging - from 19,7 to 34,8MW
Double Fogging - from 34,6 to 62,8MW
External Fogging - from 0,1 to 0,23MW
External Fogging - from 0,26 to 0,48MW
External Fogging - from 0,51 to 0,92MW

A wide range of turnkey Fogging systems

Ecospray’s Fogging systems allow to increase energy generation performance in the highly energy-intensive contexts by recovering the loss of capacity and thermal efficiency caused by the increase of the external environmental temperature. The performance gains, resulting from the adiabatic decrease of the air temperature, derive from spraying water at room temperature directly into the air flow that feeds the compressor or condenser.

The fogging technologies designed and manufactured by Ecospray to improve the performance of energy generation plants, and find applications in several sectors: power, incinerators and waste to energy, paper mills, ceramics sector, cement, iron and steel.

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