Service&training: let’s make a point

According to Paolo Gozzi, the newly appointed Director of the Service & Training Business Unit, training technicians worldwide is a crucial aspect for Ecospray.

Both online and on-site courses had positive outcomes in 2022, and the trend continues in the first months of 2023. “Currently, the Basic course is running,” explains Paolo Gozzi. “Before the summer, we will launch the Advanced level. This will focus on automation, fine-tuning, and optimization of operational parameters, along with trouble-shooting and internal inspection of DeSOx towers for proper plant maintenance. Advanced courses will be available for those who have already completed the Basic course”. As last year, the training will be provided both live and remotely, in Italy and in Manila.

Southeast Asia is becoming a crucial area for marine services: “In 2023,” says Gozzi, “we are focused on the opening of two warehouses for the quick delivery of critical items, one in Italy and one in Singapore. The aim is to cover the Asian region”.

At the same time, a new service focused on the industry & renewables sector will start with a warehouse and a technical team dedicated to methane and biomethane micro-liquefaction systems and CO2 capture.