New fuels, renewable sources and sustainable mobility: Ecospray hosts the E-CO2 project

On the 29th of September 2021 Ecospray hosted a delegation of partners of the E-CO2 project - companies, experts, representatives of the institutions and the Municipality.

During the day, organized as part of the E-CO2 project with the participation of Scania and the gas station Ratti, the delegation visited our biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction plant at the SRT landfill in Novi Ligure.
Accompanied by the Ecospray team, the different steps that allow to purify biogas and liquefy biomethane were looked at. A bus from the Tper fleet, produced by Scania, also arrived at the plant using liquid methane (LNG) technology and it was possible to attend the refueling at the Ratti station. In fact, liquid methane buses represent a reality on the market and are an immediate solution as alternative fuel: the use of bio-LNG allows to achieve the complete sustainability of this technology, further reducing CO2 emissions.

"We believe in the use of bio-LNG as fuel because it is carbon neutral and brings us closer to our idea of the future: a zero-emission planet. This day aroused a lot of interest, made everyone more aware of the need to work together and cooperate for projects that allow to enhance the circular economy and resources"

The event represented a moment of exchange and comparison on new fuels, renewable sources, sustainable mobility: three key points on which the project E-CO2 is based, co-funded under the Emilia-Romagna POR-ERDF 2014-2020  and the FSC Development and Cohesion Fund, which aims to analyze the production and use of synthetic fuels with low environmental impact, enhancing, for energy purposes, the processes of carbon dioxide “capture”.

The project, coordinated by the ENEA CROSS-TEC Laboratory in Bologna and in partnership with other research institutions (LEAP, CIDEA-UNIPR, CIRI-FRAME-UNIBO, ROMAGNA TECH) and companies focused on energy and environmental sustainability (TPER, ECOSPRAY, SIRAM-VEOLIA, BUZZI-UNICEM, IDROMECCANICA, HERA), is the cornerstone of many issues that look at energy development based on renewable sources, such as energy storage (in terms of power to gas), the coupling  sector and hydrogen technology, that even through the use of CO2 captured by industrial process can find a use in users already on the market.

The coordinator of the E-CO2 project, Giuseppe Nigliaccio of ENEA said “The possible synergy between sustainable innovative technologies and existing supply chains is an element of absolute interest as it can generate applications that can speed up the market penetration of the proposed technological solutions. Today shows how a LNG technology in mobility, developed for a fossil fuel, can be easily used for renewable fuels such as liquid biomethane and, in perspective, methane produced by hydrogen and CO2“.

Among the participants also Franco Porcellacchia, Sustainable Vice-president Innovation and Infrastructural Development in Costa Crociere who emphasized “as Costa Crociere we have always been particularly attentive to the research and development of new sustainable technologies in order to improve the environmental performance of our ships to reach the objective of operations to zero emissions. For this reason we follow carefully the application of bio-LNG alongside the LNG that we already use on our flagship Costa Smeralda, and it will soon be added to the Costa Toscana. With the visit to the plant of Novi Ligure we saw first-hand a project in which we were involved in from the very beginning and we look with interest to the collaboration with Ecospray in the perspective of sustainable innovation”.