Our new Headquarters, completed in 2020, have been designed and built with strong emphasis on sustainability.
At every step of the way, from the choice of materials to the design of spaces and light sources, from the orientation of the building to power supply, through renewables energies, we have thought about the well-being of people and the respect of the environment.

International offices

Ecospray Technologies Americas

Our new office in Miami is dedicated to the business development of the North and South Americas areas, both for the Marine and Renewables & Industry markets.


CapLab, the laboratory dedicated to the development of new technologies to promote decarbonization and energy transition, combines the skills of both University of Genova and Ecospray in a synergistic collaboration between research and industry aimed at promoting scientific progress, training and the effective transition to a CO2-free future.

CapLab’s activity, supported by a network of collaborations in the field of international research, has the ambitious goal of developing the technology by identifying scalable manufacturing processes from the laboratory to sustainable industrial production.


The CapLab laboratory was established jointly by Ecospray and the Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the University of Genoa with the aim of developing electrochemical cells for CO2 capture, the production of energy and the promotion of the hydrogen carrier.

The CapLab is located in the tourist port area of ​​Genoa, in the heart of one of the major hubs of the Italian maritime sector.


CatEmission is a company part of the Ecospray group created together with a leading catalytic emission products manufacturer. Based in Northern Italy, CatEmission is the sole Italian production facility of catalytic systems, providing the benefit of onsite substrate manufacturing/coating, R&D, bench testing and the latest steel fabrication equipment.

This enables CatEMission to have complete control over all processes, offering flexibility and reduced lead times for our clients.