Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Presented to authorities the new laboratory where fuel cell “carbon capture” solutions are studied for application not only in the maritime field. On March 23rd, Ecospray’s latest milestone in supporting sustainability, Caplab, was presented to
To facilitate ship owners’ eventual transition to renewable fuels and sources of energy, solutions for CO2 capture are needed in the short term. Post-combustion chemical absorption is one of the most promising alternatives nowadays and
An alternative technology to capture carbon dioxide is scrubbing the exhaust gasses with calcium hydroxide suspension in order to bind the CO2 in the form of calcium carbonate. This consists in the CO2 adsorption with
The new generation of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC) combine high efficiency clean power generation and carbon capture simultaneously, in the same equipment. Other advantages of our MCFC technology are the low maintenance as there

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Singapore Warehouse now open and fully operational

As of June 1st, Ecospray opens a new Spare Parts Warehouse based in Singapore, dedicated and focused on serving Asia and Far-East areas. The main goal is to facilitate a leaner logistics for our customers having both regular and more critical spares, such as gas analyzer components, consumables spares and water analysis rack sensors, always available right away.
The opening of the new Singapore warehouse answers to our customers’ needs by securing availability of goods, reducing delivery times, allowing lower shipping costs and nevertheless promptly addressing the most urgent situations.
This is just the first step towards a wider coverage of areas that Ecospray is targeting: in the upcoming months, another warehouse will be opened in the southern part of United States.
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