Workshop Ecospray – Confitarma

Rome, 27 November 2023

“Carbon Capture: evolution and technologies for decarbonization,” the workshop organized in collaboration with Confitarma, ended a year full of events and conferences for Ecospray.

On Monday, November 27, at the stunning head office of Confitarma in Rome, the topic of decarbonization, with a focus on Carbon Capture, was discussed with esteemed speakers and a large attendance, both in-presence and remote.

Confitarma’s General Director Luca Sisto introduced the prospects ahead for energy transition. Several speakers then took the stage: Eng. Bocchetti of Grimaldi Group, and member of the Confitarma Technical Group Ecological Transition, Naval Technology, Regulation, Research and Development, focused his speech on Carbon Capture’s topic from a shipowner’s standpoint and Eng. Cogliolo Senior Director of Rina thereafter explained to the audience the evolution of regulations on this subject, the critical issues, and the next steps forwards, always with Carbon Capture at its center.

Eng. Vercellino, Ecospray’s Sales Manager – Marine, overviewed the other technologies Ecospray is developing to achieve decarbonization goals. With Filippo Lossani, Ecospray’s Director – Marine, then we dived into the Carbon Capture technologies developed by Ecospray: retracing the last year of testing, first in the lab facility then on board a ship, in front of a particularly attentive audience, the data that emerged were analyzed and, thanks to a series of feasibility studies carried out, we projected on the different installation’s scenario.

The afternoon then concluded with a session of questions from the audience that confirmed how Carbon Capture is a topic of great interest to date, with technologies that will enable us to lead us towards the desired decarbonization of transportation.

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