Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration

Carbon Capture

In order to reach zero-emission targets, we provide the capture of CO2 for industrial reuse through purification and liquefaction processes, or the CO2 sequestration in stable form as Calcium Oxalate.
The decarbonization process exploits the concentrated off-gas streams from liquefaction and fuel cells capturing the CO2. The captured carbon dioxide can be liquefied for further usage, at minimal cost, or sequestrated in safe and long-lasting salts. In fact, upgrading technologies allows for the separation of biomethane and CO2 through extraction from biogas with significant benefits for the environment, by avoiding its release into the atmosphere and making it reusable for food production or for other industrial applications.
This method uses a green chemical reaction with Calcium ascorbate to trap the CO2 into a precipitated stable crystalline phase (weddellite).

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